I'm Rachel. I was born in Jersey. Is that an interesting fact? I went to high school in San Diego, and yes, that rocked. I'm half German. I like red lipstick, the sand between my toes, and I will never turn down a cheeseburger- ever. I also really like spinach and artichoke dip. I feel like it's important to tell you I used to be a school teacher. I read and sew and blog and thrift. I also wipe small children's bum, but that's slightly less glamorous.

 this is the place where I document my creative and domestic endeavors. Sometimes I share recipes, or crafts, or tutorials, or cute pictures of my kid. Or whatever the heck I feel like, just because I can! Read on and become my bosom friend, because we might be kindred spirits, after all. I like kindred spirits.


when me became we:
Travis is my husband. He does triple duty as my best friend and baby daddy. He does finance mumbo jumbo and likes it. He works for johnson&johnson.

we met in a physical science class at BYU. I overheard him talking to an old friend, and I thought he was hilarious, so I laughed along. I thought we were friends after that so I sat next to him; he thought I was kinda crazy. I probably am; jury's still out. A few "study dates" later (ha!), we were both hooked. we had a whirlwind courtship filled with laughter, late nights, and hot chocolate. he proposed on the rocks of La Jolla cove, and a few months later, we were married in the San Diego LDS temple in August of 2008.  I really, really like being his Mrs. mostly because he's super great, but also because I think he's really hot. (especially his tush. don't tell him I just put that on the internets)

 we became three:
our little man was born in March 2011. we're probably biased, but we think he's pretty great. he loves cars and trains. oh, does he love trains! he is noisy and dirty and he has an uncanny ability to be everywhere at once and climb everything and escape everywhere. it makes my head spin. he doesn't know what sitting still is, and I love that. I love him so much it hurts to breathe. when he was born I looked at his daddy and told him I just fell in love with another man. he just smiled and said, "I know." I want a whole passel of boys running wild in my house.

 photo E3412D5C-3A3C-4513-A088-207EFE700A73-12160-000013B7D0E2AE47_zps69887bce.jpg

we became four:
we had a tiny daughter in april 2013. we named her elsie rose. she's quiet and perfect and slept through the night just after birth. so yeah, we're keeping her. we didn't know babies could come this easy; she's an angel. she loves watching her brother, and he adores his "elsie gorl". she smells delicious and she has her daddy wrapper around her tiny baby finger. her smiles pour sunshine through our house, and we can't remember living without her.

 photo 81f38cae-b859-4179-92cb-7fd903bcaa2e_zpsf7f56e8a.jpg


  1. Happy to have found your blog!! I love Germany and have been many times.

  2. So cute! Glad to find your blog! I love the wedding picture! So much color!

  3. Hey Rachel! I seem to have lost your email but I won a giveaway for a $10 credit to your etsy shop and finally picked out the cutest thing! Will you email me? kelseylizeaton(at)gmail(dot)com

    Thanks so much!! :)

  4. Came to get your button to put on my page and realized this totally needs to be updated with Elsie gorl!

    1. ha, thanks! I totally forgot. It's updated now :)

  5. I just discovered your blog. The cutest!! Darling kiddos, too. Love it!

  6. Just tried contacting you but your email button doesn't seem to be working. Is there another way we can contact you?

    1. I'm so sorry about that! I just checked and it seemed to be working for me. The email address is herthreadedneedle@gmail.com.


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