valentine's 2015

I couldn't help myself, and I had to have the kids repeat last year's valentine photo. They totally hammed it up for the camera and man. You should have heard the giggles going on. I just love that these photos capture their special relationship. They are the best of friends (and of course, elsie is wearing her ever present beaded necklaces)

 photo C207D2D8-34A1-4712-A30A-915FB5AF3845_zpsc84ye8td.jpg
 photo E218F113-2E57-469D-AF53-7223F13F49B6_zpsvohyqdre.jpg
 photo 1E08FCD6-1045-4CDA-9FB4-27459F8CC4BC_zpslwq1ttdk.jpg
 photo A88F2B57-4FD2-465E-BA32-5ED3160E6877_zpsz1qxogor.jpg
 photo E288054C-E214-4636-8B0E-F87C0D0B57E2_zpsqfzdtnxq.jpg
 photo 63D1F60A-ED9D-4DB2-91F1-EE65EE75D642_zpspkqzlcax.jpg

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