lukie boy

he'll be turning four in a few weeks and every so often, I'll turn the corner and see him doing something...big. And it hits me that he is a real boy now, and not a toddler, and certainly not a baby anymore. His legs are long and gangly (5T pants!) and he can (almost) make his own peanut butter sandwiches (hold the jelly, because that's fruit and fruit is EW). I love this boy.

 photo AF6E69CF-3B0C-4A0B-82FB-76FEAA12D495_zpsufr8lfex.jpg
 photo 99DC4DDA-A8E7-400F-981C-104068C324D2_zpsczjiii8f.jpg
 photo E1518977-084C-43AB-B302-B191F03A6315_zpsic1kq2tr.jpg
 photo 8A39A9E9-51A2-4384-90B1-CFC1FD69766C_zpslnvpbyq7.jpg
 photo 6E57F9C1-D4D3-49F2-BE6C-2C3269FA3E7F_zpsqkoxl3bq.jpg
 photo 47EEAE01-50AB-4CCB-80B9-B4BB85653F9A_zpsleuxfyzr.jpg

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