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I've been getting a lot of comments and questions lately on how I keep my home so clean / is it always this clean?

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 The answer is, honestly, yes. mostly. OBVIOUSLY we get messy and I'm totally not perfect but I'd say about 90% of the time anyway, it's clean :) I was raised by the son of German immigrants who married a very organized woman, so I am used to a clean home and I actually enjoy cleaning.
And for me, I feel calmer and more receptive spiritually as well a more perceptive mother when my home is clean and in order. It frees up so much mental space so that I can focus on my kids- plus I totally don't care if we get messy- paint or legos everywhere- because it's just that mess that needs cleaning after- not that plus the rest of the house. I'm not one of those "good moms have sticky floors", because sticky floors make me cranky mom. It isn't the having the clean floors that makes me a good mom, but having them clean allows me to relax and let go and enjoy my children. Does that even make sense? What I'm saying is that you're a good mom whether your floors are sticky or clean, but I respond better to my kids if all this stuff is taken care of. So for me, this works. Anyway, I decided to share on the blog because I just taught a class on this at my church last week and made up this printable for that.

The schedule helps keep me organized and in order. Each day I have some cleaning task to take care of. I avoid weekends for now, since I like that to be family time. I fully realize that when my kids are older and are in school all day, we will have to have some Saturday chore time, but that time is not yet. Thursday is my catch up day; if I or a child was sick or we ditched home in favor of the zoo or something, I have Thursday to fall back on so I don't get behind. If I am caught up, I choose something in my home to organize- linen closet, tupperware drawer, spice cabinet, kids' outgrown clothes etc. I don't spend more than 45 minutes on cleaning each days task (obviously the daily chores add into that throughout the day).

This is just what works for me- it may not work for everyone. But having a schedule- any schedule- is so helpful! I've been following this schedule just about a year now. It changed  little bit when Luke started school and I like that it can be fluid.There are literally a million different ways to clean, but this has been most effective for me

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I won't keep droning on and on about cleaning, snooze, but if you're interested in the printable,
you can download my copy here, or a blank version here


  1. Hey Rachel! This is Mandie Krause (we met in college sometime and I don't remember when, but I follow you on instagram haha!) I saw your post and was curious about your schedule because I also have one! I am not in love with my laundry routine and had questions about yours. Do you do all your laundry including sheets and towels on Monday? And what classifies as 'midweek' laundry? What time of the day do you do your cleaning? I love picking brains so I hope you don't mind! Thanks lovely!

    1. Of course I remember! It was freshman year in the dorms right?

      So I do my kids' laundry together and then do two loads- whites and darks- of my husbands and my clothes. I hate sorting through small socks and big socks at the same time. So on Monday I do 5 loads- the three above mentioned clothing loads and then the sheets/towels (we all have white sheets so I throw everyone's in at the same time...I usually strip the beds as soon as we wake up so I can get them washed and back on quickly, then I throw in towels after I shower and clothing loads last).
      Tuesday's I just wash the bath mats, and Wednesday's "midweek laundry" is anything that needs it- sometimes the small rug/mats in front of our outside doors get muddy, the kitchen dishcloths and towels (they also go in on Monday with towels, but my kids can reach them to clean up their spills on their own so we go through them quickly, ha) as well as another load of kids clothes. I prefer small loads and I hate to let stains sit a whole week on their clothes.
      And then sometimes I might throw a load of grown up clothes in on Friday if there is something we need washed before Monday, but that's rare.
      Also have you tried those downy unstoppables laundry beads? I throw them in with sheets, towels, kid clothes, and our darks and I looove them. They make laundry a little better, haha.
      Time of day totally depends on the day. Ha. If I were super awesome and on top of things, I prefer to do it first thing in the morning, but on days when luke has school, I usually don't get to it until the afternoon (because we rush out of the house and I use that time without him for errands with just one kid- luxury!). But generally , I prefer to get it out of the way and taken care of earlier...except for the days I'm totally lazy and I do it just before dinner ha.
      Wow, this is so long, sorry. I hope it answered all your questions? I'd love to hear your schedule too- I'm such a nerd about cleaning and organizing. I know some people who really love throwing one load of laundry in each morning too; that's another great option.

  2. To go along with the laundry questions... Do you just fold it/put it all away right when it comes out? Wait until the end of all of your loads for the day?

    When do you try to get your daily cleaning jobs done? I feel like I can't do anything with Reagan around and I'd hate to use her precious naptime on cleaning...bleh!

    1. Usually I try and fold right away- warm clothes are much nicer to fold haha. Travis actually built me a shelf above our washer and dryer for folding just before Christmas and it's so nice. This way I can pull from the dryer and fold on top and then put in a laundry basket to take upstairs. And I avoid kids romping through my folded clothes! ;) sometimes though I'll wait til els is sleeping and let luke play on the iPad while I fold in the family room + watch a show.
      I try to do my cleaning first thing in the morning but the days we have to get luke off to school (during which I run errands) it doesn't always happen. But while my kids eat breakfast is always a good time to get started since they're distracted hah. Otherwise I wait until after lunch to get going when elsie is napping and luke is having quiet time. It helps that he doesn't nap anymore (boo) because I don't feel so upset about wasting that precious time! Does that help at all?? It's so hard when babies are so small and busy...it does get easier with two because they can distract each other!

  3. Ag! I wrote a whole relatively long comment on my iPad, and my iPad ate it. I should know by now to never use it for blog reading. . .

    ANYWAY, I love this. And I actually started it this morning!! I'm excited. I like the way yours is set up more than mine. I did mine by rooms and there isn't usually a lot to do in my kids rooms that I don't already do every day anyway. But for me the hardest thing is the clutter. My mom is a legit hoarder, so this organized lifestyle is a new thing for me ;) My hope is that when we move out of this townhouse, we'll have WAY less stuff than when we moved in :)


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