luke's room

 photo 77FE9276-EC38-4CE1-AA7C-92A03C9BFBDD_zpsee9ogknu.jpg photo 929CB181-12AE-4BBA-A331-ACAF31B24390_zpsepptrzes.jpg 
I snapped a few quick photos of Luke's room the other day. He has his big boy bed now, and I finished his quilt, so I'm calling it done and moving on.

 photo A3EAE8DA-975A-4BCF-9DA5-1149650319AD_zpsiwv6qrmm.jpg
 photo 65D02D24-A92F-4253-A615-795288365B49_zpssiuqaxgp.jpg

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 photo 7765C6BE-A97B-40C6-9247-9675DB3D5001_zpss2gzh2ca.jpg

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  1. Love it!! And good job knowing when to be done. I'm giving up on painting Olivia's room. By the time I get around to it, she'll be sharing with Axel, so what's the point? ;)


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