estes park

 photo 6ADAC4C5-0F05-4B6E-A2ED-E53FD4A8667C_zpsxo2o7uaj.jpg photo 32DF8399-7CDB-48B8-90B5-CA30C0F6BB79_zpsa2ev7qod.jpg

growing up, travis' family went up the the mountains each fall to watch the elk bugle, bringing soup and bread bowls and spending the whole day outdoors. we've resumed the tradition since moving here. Els had a fever last year, so she and I missed out, but the boys got to go. We went up the last weekend in September and had beautiful weather. It was too warm for the elk to be fighting each other to build their harem, but they were everywhere (and close!) and bugling. Luke thought were were going to see "the letter elk", and now elsie points everywhere and says, "oh! it's an elk!" (no elsie, that's a tree).

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  1. Love these pictures. It looks like the best day!


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