utica zoo

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guys, the utica zoo is literally the strangest zoo I've ever seen.
It's gravely/dirt paths through the woods. It looks like you're taking a scenic hike and then boom. you see a fence, and inside the fence, a lion. Or a camel. Or something equally unwoodsy. It's just weird.

zoos are pretty much Luke's favorite thing right now. He just gets so excited looking at and learning about all the animals, and it's fun for my parents to see that. And it's fun for me to see my dad acting extra goofy, doing all the dumb jokes and tricks he'd do when we were little. I remember thinking he was just hysterical, and apparently, so does my son. No one makes him laugh as hard as his grandpop.

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  1. I love how shady the zoo looks! The Hoggle zoo always feels so hot. Maybe I need to take the kids in the fall. You can come too!! ;)


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