i scream

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so. much. ice cream.

When Luke was just a bit older than Elsie, my dad had a business trip in Chicago. He took an extra day and drove down to spend some time with us. I can't remember where Luke and I were that morning, but we ran some errand, and after, as I was him in the car, he said, "I go i cweam my pop pop? okay, yeah!"
It was 10 am, and I have no idea where he came up with that thought, but he had a plan, and by golly, he wanted some i cweam with his pop pop. Of course my dad obliged, and Luke sat happily eating his ice cream, singing "I cweam with pop pop, i cweam with pop pop".

so now it's like a thing, to get ice cream with grandpop. Elsie loved it too. She could often be seen double fisting two cones she'd conned off grandma and an uncle or even her brother.

these kids were so spoiled.

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