we went to a waterpark

and surprise, elsie was not a fan.
she did love all the arms she was passed around in (and so did I)

 photo B9E4FC46-885A-4151-8458-49D324BC2CBE_zps68m8jaiu.jpg
Luke had a blast going down all the water slides and playing in the wave pool with grandpop
but you guys, upstate NY is cold.

 photo 81ED62B1-1C74-4534-ACEE-6B857205209A_zpswmqvqe32.jpg photo CDFFB067-9B20-4A87-BB66-9A14DCCD9D76_zpskibcbktu.jpg
 photo 6EEE3E4F-6AB3-4859-887B-58920F6EF0D2_zps9fsbiawt.jpg photo 95261DB9-3CEB-4C04-A820-3264120E32E9_zpskek4id0j.jpg

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