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I have VERY strong opinions about preschool, you know, being a teacher and everything, but I was still sad to send my boy off. He's going 2x a week, which isn't even that much, but it felt like the end of an era. The time when we have no schedule, and no where to be. We've been able to run off to the zoo or the park or stay in our jams until 11 and cuddle on the couch, just because we want to. And of course, we still have 3 days a week we can do all that, but he just seems so big!
I want Luke to stay my sweet baby boy forever and always kiss my lips and hold my hand and snuggle close. hashtag motherboy.

anyway, he started and I didn't even cry.
He did though. All of a sudden he has entered this super clingy phase which is weird because he has never ever cared if I was around or not. So we're working on it. 

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We celebrated the night before with one of his favorite meals, sparkling cider (my special juice mama!), cake, and a back to school banner in the dining room.
He really loved his backpack (he slept with it the night before), and wore it all morning.
When he came home, I had his Schultuete ready for him. This is a tradition I've been waiting to pass on since I was little. It's a cone filled with chocolates, usually accompanied by a small toy (I remember getting a barbie one year, and a polly pocket pet shop the next). It's intended to sweeten the taste of education for the child, and is given on the first day of school. My family did this for preschool and kindergarted, although in Germany, I think it is fairly common to get one every year? Anyway. He thought that was pretty rad.


  1. You're such a good mama!! I was so excited for Olivia to start preschool. She's just two days a week also. And she's been super clingy about it! She never cared about nursery or babysitters, until like a month ago. Must be a stage :)

  2. He IS pretty rad :) :) What a cutie! I can't believe summer is coming to an end and kids are in school! Ah!


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