five fact friday

1. Let's talk about the gap. Right now I'm a little bit in love with the gap. a few weeks ago I stocked up on the kids' clothes for next summer, and shirts were 2.99. I went again with my sister in laws for girls night and YOU GUYS. I got a pair of jeans for 3.99, gold leather loafers for 3, shorts and a shirt for 5. A moment of reverence for buying gap jeans for four dollars. probably the greatest deal of my life. Thank you.

 photo 6CCFE5D6-3FC7-4AF7-ABF6-8B90C1CCBBE7_zpsdxigb168.jpg

2. We've been running ourselves ragged this month. I'm exhausted. We have crammed so much summer fun into July and it's not over yet.

 photo 09E75AC0-17F4-4E6B-861E-D7C71D0AA2A9_zpskpjp0jrd.jpg

3. Elsie has gotten verrrry good at standing. She can even stay strong while brother jumps next to her on the bed. She'll be walking soon! Guess that means I need to buy the girl some shoes.

 photo 1284DF57-B27A-42CB-822B-4D1B7ADCD168_zpstdxurcz4.jpg

4. We also visited a water park last week. Luke's version of heaven is Elsie's idea of hell.

 photo AA0D752F-F9E5-49D9-B14A-C1A3BE32EEA5_zpsze95mhby.jpg

5. I flew solo with both kids on Wednesday. Nobody died but nobody slept either.


  1. I never get good deals at the Gap! I'm jealous because their clothes are SO cute. Like over the top. And I don't know which scares me more, driving with two kids or flying with two kids, but good job for not dying!

  2. I just got a bunch of awesome deals at the Gap as well but now I'm wishing I was in a state other than Utah because it sounds like you made out like a bandit :)


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