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so there's this ginormous antique fair every year in upstate NY. My mom has gone for a few years and scored awesome stuff. I'd be lying if I said we didn't plan the dates of this trip around the fair. My brother was kind enough to watch my kids all day so we could party. I love doing this kind of stuff with my mom. It's just so fun looking around together. Of course, all the vendors thought we were sisters, which always makes me laugh.

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I scored two beautiful vintage nightgowns for Elsie. The kind with pretty hand done lace and they're so old you can read through the fabric. But they were cheap enough and have no sentimental value so she can wear them without worry. I felt even better about buying them later, when we went to another vendor and this lady tried to tell us that these nightgowns were from the 1880's, and you could obviously tell they were brand new- the whitest of white and thick fabric.
  I also found some of those little people, you know, the old small ones we all played with and miraculously didn't choke on? And I sent a picture to travis of this old buffalo head and told him I bought it and would be shipping it home. (there was so much taxidermy! An entire lion! every animal you could imagine!). I thought he would freak out, but he actually believed me and took it pretty well. He was actually sort of excited and when I finally told him I didn't buy it he tried to convince me to go back and get it. ha.

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  1. So fun!! And I'm sort of jealous of your little people score. But my mom offered to let me take some home and I remembered that I have more toys than space right now. . . so I declined. Maybe some day. But you crack me up about how we never choked on them! Because I held one up and there is NO WAY I would be worried about my kids choking on them. There are like a million other toys that are smaller. Whatev'.


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