tiny town adventures

look! it's a new post! we've been so busy living life and I've not been diligent about blogging our days.

our ohio cousins are in town this month, hooray! it's always so fun having so many cousins around, even if eight little frakes bodies scampering everywhere does give you a serious case of exhaustion at the end of each day. we took a day trip out to Tiny Town where they had a train (!) and lots of small scale houses. Some the kiddies could climb inside, and others just had windows to peep in. Luke thought it was pretty neat to see all the little scenes inside each house. "Mama! Look at all these wittle houses! Thems so funny."

 photo 9A9553A0-55AB-40B5-B3D0-AD7AB12B855A_zps6k06bbl4.jpg
 photo DD0B981E-F47E-4794-8659-4C4FC2AD9105_zpsbblcm6rk.jpg
 photo FFE02C0B-E5C4-468D-9A33-27F1544D129F_zpsi99vhynh.jpg
 photo 49B0D261-D1CC-4ACD-BE06-67493C4A6137_zpsng6mlnot.jpg
 photo 959CEDB6-5614-4C73-BE4C-097CE9ED0E11_zpsqjydfnpl.jpg
 photo 2A9F6FAD-7E27-4901-BF3A-083C1B60AD64_zpshnscy2bg.jpg
 photo B91D77BF-A35F-4CA5-B2A5-8BE61350A302_zpsdlommphe.jpg
 photo 58CF2498-CBFB-4BC4-9FB6-9B74F83A759B_zpsodgvcaod.jpg
 photo DD0B981E-F47E-4794-8659-4C4FC2AD9105_zpsbblcm6rk.jpg

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  1. CUTE!!! And amen to living life. I never blog anymore. That's what winter is for ;)


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