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we took off on a family campout this month. elsie's first one! She kind of hated it, but I'm not sure if it's because she had a teething fever or because she was sequestered to the pack n play instead of her beloved crib. Lukie boy was in heaven. He helped me build a fire (he carefully selected each piece of kindling) while his daddy set up the tent. We roasted hot dogs and 'mallows, and the next morning we feasted on pancakes (which Luke fed to the "chicks-kis-monks"to lure them from their hiding places). We hiked and fed fish and saw a lady walking her llama through the woods. I love watching Luke live and explore. It's like having a second childhood.


  1. Dang teething fevers! Axel gets those too. He sucks at teething. I have always had an excuse not to camp but I'm thinking I might be able to pull it off this summer.

  2. Look at those huge boy feet! We are going to try and camp this summer with Elodie. We went up for our ward campout dinner and Elodie loved running around in the woods, so I'm hopeful it'll be okay. ha. You guys look great! Miss you.


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