we planted a tree

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each spring we've been married, I've remarked to Travis that I'd really like a cherry tree in our yard when we grow up. There are a few things on that list: lilacs, peonies, hydrangeas, and a cherry tree. Maybe wisteria one day.
anyway. the other saturday, we headed to a local nursery , and picked out our tree. we brought it home and travis and his dad planted it in our front yard. Next spring I'll have pretty pink flowers to look at out my front window.
it felt momentous.  something about owning this bit of earth, and choosing something beautiful to put there. a tree to grow and grow and flower each spring, long after we've left this home. when we return to drive past this neighborhood, we'll say, "look kids, your daddy planted that tree in the front yard the first spring we lived here. Lukie was three and Elsie was only one. Look how big you've grown, and the tree too." And they'll remember this tree, maybe not the planting of it, but the shade and the blossoms and the house. And I'll remember this spring our babies were still so little.

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