five fact friday

1. It's watermelon season and we're in love. Luke won't touch the stuff with a 49.5 ft pole, but Elsie? Give her a slice and she'll eat it clear to the rind.

 photo 9CB8920F-9983-4EE6-880C-F1D469AF3F20_zpszubefmaw.jpg

2. we've had pretty good kite flying weather. We went with all the Colorado Frakes cousins to the park last week- before three of them took off for Georgia.

 photo DA9399B7-F6C6-4146-8459-6E5EE0082441_zps9xnxewhy.jpg

3. This week, Luke proudly handed me a scab he picked off his elbow. I love how much a of a boy he is, even if it grosses me out. He is obsessed with pockets, and I am always finding rocks and leaves and crusty bugs in them.

 photo 4F6152C4-92E4-4DEF-918E-DB252EF7C251_zps5xwysq4z.jpg

4. Luke has finally figured out how to pedal his bike. verrrrry slowly.

 photo DB3B02AC-9B46-4E66-827B-7FC478FBFD4A_zpsgjz0sz4z.jpg

5. Travis and I applied for our CO licenses this week. I guess that means we're officially Coloradans.


  1. We got Olivia a bike for her birthday and FINALLY set it up yesterday :) I went out with my sister-in-law's and Adam and my brother took Olivia for a spin on her bike. A LITTLE bummed I missed her first bike ride, but my brother took video and said it wasn't that big of a deal since she doesn't understand the pedaling part very well. Glad she's not the only one :)


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