five fact friday

1. We have been potty training! We started last monday. By thursday, I was brave enough to try out chick-fil-a for lunch with some friends. Friday we did costco! And Tuesday the grocery store! He is doing pretty awesome. Except for #2. I've not been able to get him to do that in the toilet, and taking care of messy underwear is getting reallll old, so, if you've got any advice to throw my way, I'll take it. (we've tried offering treats, and a coveted new toy. we've tried reading books or watching shows on the potty. I feel like we've tried everything)

 photo 93AFA419-A538-40CA-A3F1-39F5BAE42EA3_zpsn4itqm75.jpg

2.one of my best friends is moving cross-country this weekend and will be staying with us and I'm really excited to see her! Reunions are so fun.

 photo E1052C35-377F-46B2-AB2E-35B1C2CCA091_zpsslfholag.jpg

3. We've been having lots of afternoon tornado warnings and thunderstorms, which has led to

 photo 39545ADD-12E9-4A32-979E-F3CEDA75E3CD_zpsumlxx7vd.jpg

4. lots of movie-and-popcorn afternoons.

 photo 3185C0C6-ECFE-49AE-A9E3-6649F9653EFC_zpswc2vtdon.jpg

5. Something I worked really hard on last year has been exactly copied by someone else and probably I should be flattered but mostly I'm just really frustrated and annoyed. Without a link given for credit, it's a real bummer, ya know?


  1. Is it something you sell in your shop? Because you make them take it down or give you credit for the work. I would be veeeeery mad about that.

  2. I clicked back and forth a TON yesterday (so that's why your page count was so high! haha!) and yeah, the copying is out of control. I'm curious if she ever responded to your comment.

  3. Pete would poop while he was sleeping. Finally we had him poop on the toilet before bed or nap and he would get to watch a tv show. If he didn't take it then we cut out all shows until he did, I don't know who it was harder on me or him. Eventually he did it and it worked great! He still does it before bed and actually tells us during the day if he needs to go! It seemed to be harder for him to figure out than the peeing aspect. Also awesome trick we learned for night time training is to get him up to go pee right before you go to bed, then lay him back down. No more accidents!


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