five fact friday

1. these two just continue to melt my heart. they're best buds. Luke is so great about comforting her when she cries. He always runs to her so quickly, and pats her head and says, "shh, it's alright, I'm right here, I'm right here. calm down!" I put on a cartoon for Luke one morning, and elsie crawled next to him. He covered her with his blanket and they just snuggled for awhile. (he totally cried when she finally crawled away, and tried to put her in a choke hold to keep her there)

 photo B341AAC9-2E5E-4235-9C2A-7B36FCC598CE_zpsytsquzeb.jpg

2. we need a latch higher up on our fence in the backyard. Luke can open it, and he's always escaping over to the neighbors' house. usually the backyard, but if their door is open, he'll help himself inside to play.

 photo C91F24DF-65E8-4762-874C-0DAFE28DC9BD_zpsbq81wvdn.jpg

3. we were having company for dinner, last week, and I was running around getting ready. I heard elsie crying, and found her watching Luke, with tears in her eyes, as he smashed her baby doll's face into butter (on the stairs! into the carpet!). When I asked what he was doing, Luke just looked at me and shrugged, "Him's just wants to eat butter, mama." I cleaned up the baby doll and returned her to her mama, and all was right in the world. The butter was not, however.

 photo 45C49884-A46F-469C-9644-2C74C51FA0ED_zpsumoc4htx.jpg

4. Luke is still super obsessed with rescue bots. He pretends his cars/planes are the bots from the show and his optimus prime bosses them around on their rescues. Pictured here at breakfast are "blades", "heat wave", and "boulder".

 photo 18678818-3979-4399-AC5B-53F3B8C879E5_zpsuzm1seik.jpg

5. we're finished painting! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) every wall, baseboard, and trim. Travis finished up the verrry highest edges in our front room last saturday and it just looks so nice and hallelujah, we're done.

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  1. Luke's butter story has me cracking up!! But I also keep thinking that the next family to live in our house is going to need to replace the carpet. Kids are SO ROUGH on carpet.

    Olivia once tried to "help" Axel by picking him up BY HIS HEAD. Thank goodness I was right there before. . . I don't know? Do you think his head would just pop off like a Barbie?


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