the day was hot

 photo EB8130E6-5688-44C7-8501-91B516E58B4E_zpsysrjblww.jpg
 photo 500549ca-c12e-4999-b165-678e71078c67_zpsf100abfd.jpg
 photo 6B817A21-5174-42D3-9F0A-0E4078D47186_zps1c3umarx.jpg
 photo 6D3884A0-E811-4FAE-8666-BA8AB7D2FCFF_zpstirl9gso.jpg
 photo D506742C-8323-4254-8D23-1935B9ADA998_zpsrgjia3xs.jpg
 photo 761B02EA-5C18-438E-9059-F104EC417BE7_zpsvtnvcnfe.jpg

it was warm enough in moab for the first swim of the season. these two love being in the water. Elsie and I got our tan on, while Luke practiced being a dolphin. I took way too many pictures, but it was just the best afternoon. hurry up summer.


  1. E's worried eyes in the second picture look just like Jake's do when he is worried.

  2. We have stayed in that exact hotel in Moab!!! Okay, next time we are meeting up there. And your kids are soooooo stinkin' cute. Love them.


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