five fact friday

1. Our neighbors put out a basketball hoop, and Lukie loves it. his grandpa helped him make some slam dunks, and now he thinks he a big shot.

 photo FBFD5078-B2E1-4B0A-B341-27F361116CBD_zpsfpl1sr6f.jpg

2. My brothers came last week and helped me do some major painting. They were so great. They did my kitchen (got rid of that awful red!), the front room (vaulted stairway!), the master bedroom and the playroom (no more navy blue!). So, so, so grateful for their help.

 photo 7564C90B-CA00-461D-AF75-F39BF86960BD_zpsigpnk85n.jpg photo BCF44D01-18B0-4BD1-A735-FDC198CC94C2_zpsehgylc79.jpg

3. It's Popsicle weather, and I think it's here to stay!!

 photo AC735DEF-1A89-417C-9989-1512491B0C42_zps2qypu49w.jpg

4. This little lady had her checkup- she topped the scale at 15 lbs. What a little nugget. She finally started pulling herself to her feet, and even learned to climb the stairs!

 photo 8B171E68-8BA8-4AAF-878B-B7EC4A090B37_zpsl706dzpz.jpg

5. Elsie also said her first full sentence this week!! I'm so proud of her. She might not be able to walk, but she can do something! Watch the video here.

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  1. I don't know if I'll ever get up the gumption to paint my stair well. My only tall brother is on a mission so I'm just out of luck.

    Axel just had his 15 month check and he's 20 lb. He was almost 19lb at 12 months. He eats like crazy! I don't get it. . . but I do love small babies!! E is tiny! So nice and easy to carry around :)


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