dinosaur footprints

travis told luke last monday that we'd get to go see some dinosaur footprints in moab. He told him that a long time ago they stepped in the mud and left their footprints behind.

dinosaur footprints

 he told him this on monday.

so guess what Luke talked about alllllllllll week long?

"MOM! I go see dinosaur footprints from when he step in a mud and got alllll muddy! I go Mo-bab now?"


It was the first thing we did when we arrived on friday, and boy, was he excited. He narrated his hike all the way up to the footprints. "I see the dinosaur footprints, he's alllll muddy! Mom! He stepped in the mud! Whoops, careful guys! Be very careful. The rocks are tricky here. Whoops! I fall. I'm alright."

He was hilarious. I thought he might be disappointed when we got there and there wasn't an actual dinosaur, but he wasn't. He totally got that they were just footprints, and when travis helped him touch them? LIFE MADE.

he's still talking about it.

dinosaur footprintsdinosaur footprints
dinosaur footprints
dinosaur footprints
dinosaur footprints

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  1. I love it!! Aren't their memories amazing??? Olivia tells me things I hardly remember saying.


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