march 2014

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so february was just a wash.
I had one set of goals when I thought we'd be closing in January...and a second when we were supposed to close mid-Feb. And when it got pushed back a third time, I just bagged the whole dang thing and was a big old frowny face because I was so certain we'd NEVER move into our home and we'd be bunking at my in laws FOR.EV.ER. So basically I was your poster child of sunshine and motivation last month. No matter. The best thing about Februarys is that they always end and Marches begin.

So here's to March and starting fresh.


  1. Haha, I love that buying tupperware is on your list. I should probably add it to mine...ours seems to have disappeared and I always forget to buy more!

  2. I asked for new Tupperware for Christmas. Lame? Maybe. But I hate buying that kind of stuff myself.


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