we bought a home. we're slowly unpacking. we're waiting for our couches and rugs to be delivered.
it's chaotic and I keep remembering pantry staples I need to purchase again.
it's amazing.

 photo 9d71d1a8-0977-41f5-af13-f2f9f7274a99_zps893bf70e.jpg

we worked so hard for this house. I'll give you a really quick rundown of the last several months, because it was a headache, man.

 photo 6774ab95-d478-4c5a-a058-fe97c95fff24_zps6c09dbe9.jpg

we put an offer on a few different homes and obviously those didn't work out. We were always outbid. The housing market is kind of nuts in Denver right now. (also next time remind me I shouldn't look at the homes we could buy in our budget in Atlanta. so cheap there. ugh).

We were resigned to waiting until January because we nothing was coming up on the market before Christmas. But then! Christmas Eve morning we spotted a new one. Perfect location, perfect backyard, beautiful floors, etc. We went to see it immediately and put in an offer that afternoon (spoiler: it was accepted). Our Christmas house.

We found a few things in the inspections that needed to be remedied. They signed the contract agreeing to fix these very important things (read: mold). Longest story short, they decided to default, hoping we would just walk away, they could do a cheap cosmetic fix and sell it to someone else. we consulted lawyers, yada yada, wrote up an attorney letter, they shaped up, then dropped the ball again, and eventualllllly got it done. We were originally supposed to close in Jaunary, then mid-Feb, and finally we closed last Friday.

 photo e1a213d8-79c3-4f24-99a7-f9bc83c8085d_zps8af17626.jpg

anyway, it's ours now. we're thrilled and we love our cul-de-sac (our next door neighbors attend our church). Luke's been in heaven riding bikes with all the neighborhood kids.
We're in the throes of painting and unpacking and organizing (oh, and baking a birthday cake for a certain little boy this weekend!), so, busy, yes. but so, so blessed.


  1. Congrats! I've been seeing your pictures on Instagram and wanted to know more :) What a major headache, but glad everything worked out in the end! Also, I love that you said you bought a "home" instead of a "house." To me, there's a difference, and a home is so, so much more than a house.

  2. I'm so happy for you! I love that you're in a cul-de-sac. Congratulations!

  3. So exciting! We would love to move our little family there, but you are right. The housin market is crazy!

  4. Congrats girl!!! This whole buying a house thing is insanely stressful...I can't even IMAGINE dealing with all that you guys did! But it looks beautiful, and I hope you'll share more photos soon! I love getting a peek inside other people's houses ;) And the market in Denver sounds very similar to what we've got going on here north of Dallas. We were outbid on three houses- that we offered ABOVE asking price on- before getting ours!

  5. So glad I got to follow this journey with you! I can't wait to see pictures, the few on instagram look lovely.


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