gold stars tutorial

gold star nursery wall / tutorial / herthreadedneedle

 here's a quick rundown on how I did the gold stars in elsie's nursery. 
It was pretty easy and only took an afternoon.

martha stewart paint in "vintage gold" (sold at home depot for under $5)
small paint brush
tape measure

First I created my stencil. This was probably the "hardest" part. By this I mean it wasn't actually hard, but it did take me a minute to get it proportional and the size I wanted. I traced my star on a piece of cardstock and cut out the center to create my stencil. I know they sell actual plasticky material that is made for stencils, but.... lazy. I worked with what I had.

Next I ran to my neighbors to borrow a pencil, because somehow I haven't uncovered the box ours are in. Then I measured to find the exact center of my wall. The wall is 10x8, so I measured 5 feet in from the left and 4 feet down from the top and made a small dot. I placed my stencil over this spot so the dot was in the exact center of my star and traced the star. Then I measured my top and bottom stars above that first start (6" from top and bottom of the wall), and put two more stars in that row (one in between top/bottom star and the center star).

 gold starburst on nursery wall / tutorial / herthreadedneedle

Is this even making sense?
The stars are all roughly 18" apart, but I wasn't hung up on exactness too much. I wanted them to not be perfectly aligned. I measured  18" over from my first star and created my next star (in between the middle and lower star of the previous row). I'm still tracing all my stars at this point. All stars are 18" apart from the one above them, and 3 feet from the closest star on it's same level (two rows over).

gold starburst on nursery wall / tutorial / herthreadedneedle

Once all my stars were traced, I started filling them in with gold paint. I tried placing the stencil over the tracing and filling it in that way, but it was easier and faster to just fill in my pencil marks. This paint dries quickly. I added a thick layer for some texture.

 gold starburst on nursery wall / tutorial / herthreadedneedle

fill them all in (I just did one coat, although I did spot fill a few with a second coat), then step back and admire your work.

 gold starburst on nursery wall / tutorial / herthreadedneedle
gold starburst on nursery wall / tutorial / herthreadedneedle

tip: DON'T leave your toddler unattended with a paint brush, or he'll try to help you. DO have some left over wall paint for touch ups and to cover pencil marks.

 gold starburst on nursery wall / tutorial / herthreadedneedle

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  1. Lovely!! Your kids must be so chill. I can't imagine trying this when Axel was around :) I've been thinking of doing a vinyl decoration on one of Olivia's walls, but this seems like way more cost effective.


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