five fact friday

phew. it's been awhile since we've done one of these.

1. We've been enjoying warm sunshine every other day or so. This means lots of Luke riding his bike (fred flintstone style), afternoons in our backyard and park playdates.

 photo 570B2D45-DDE6-40FA-A51E-ED4D2ED2E47F_zpsexf0brz4.jpg

2. This guy's been having a rough time adjusting. Mostly he's okay, but then he cries and asks to go to "a different home" because he "can't find my Mimi at this new house". It makes me sad, and him mad.
 So then he does something like throw raw eggs at our fireplace. Rough all around.

 photo lukeandmama_zps95f31d74.jpg

3. I am so sick of painting. It's insane. The rooms aren't that bad, but we're doing all the trim and baseboards too and that's a real pain.The only kind of painting I want to do right now is my fingernails.

 photo F190BD31-CFB4-4C5A-B4B2-86CF77CE4830_zps4onvmmkf.jpg photo B80E59C5-E4B9-40BD-9E05-C9B72D7E3C17_zpsmgjn0awj.jpg

4. I keep meaning to share this story:
we don't let Luke jump on our furniture at home, but we were especially strict on that while we were living at my in-laws. Several weeks ago, Luke was hanging out in his Mimi's room with her and he started jumping on her bed. Suddenly he stopped, looked at her and grinned the hugest grin and said in awe "I'm jumping on Mimi's furniture!" He was so stinkin' pleased he was getting away with something. 
He's learned grandparents will let ya get away with the best stuff.

 photo db128c30-656f-4aab-b819-6eff4405022f_zps622cbbd0.jpg

5. I'll leave you with that little sneak peak of Elsie's nursery. 
I have one very last final thing to add and I'll share the whole thing next week.

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  1. That is the saddest thing! (Luke saying he can't find his Mimi in the house) Can't wait to see Elsie nursery. It looked beautiful


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