a construction truck birthday

little boy construction truck birthday / her threaded needle

luke was so excited for his birthday this year. He kept saying, "It's my hap bert-daaaay! A hap bert-day for me, for Luke!" he helped me bake his cake (this recipe with this frosting...amazing. seriously). One of Luke's new favorite pastimes is what he calls "move the dirt". This is where I give him some almonds or peanuts or raisins or sometimes chocolate chips and he carts them around in his dump truck and cranes (and then eats them and asks for more). So we did the "construction truck theme". I ordered some chocolate river rocks for the top of his cake and threw on a few trucks. We played on the yellow theme with yellow tulips and birch tree straws. It was a big hit with all the kiddies. I packaged some chocolate rocks for everyone to take home at the end ("you rock, thanks for coming!"). I meant to create little tags in photoshop, but went the quicker route of a chalk board. Time you know. Lots of little things I'd planned on doing didn't happen because, when your birthday is the week after a big move... oh well. Luke loved it just the way it was.

 little boy construction truck birthday cake / her threaded needle
little boy construction truck birthday / "concrete mix" ice cream / her threaded needle
we had our cake (and polished it off... luke woke up the next morning wondering where his happy birthday cake went... "mama eat it, daddy eat it, fwiends eat it...Luke want eat it!") and then did the present thing. His favorite gift is probably a tie between a train from his aunt and uncle (clutched between his little fists as he sleeps each night) and his new tricycle.  happiest of birthdays little man. 

her threaded needleher threaded needle
her threaded needleher threaded needle
her threaded needleher threaded needle
her threaded needle

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