five fact friday

1. Luke enjoyed his pink milk more than I thought he would. I think he would have preferred triangle pancakes over hearts though.
 photo 91560A39-73D0-4282-BDE6-5623B647D07E_zpsor0ronue.jpg

2. Travis brought the kiddies balloons for valentine's, and elsie loves it more than we thought she would.
 photo 377C7327-296D-4B20-9D08-69D229E0E137_zpso8au5hyg.jpg photo 812E0846-555E-44B8-904D-A054A72B63DC_zpsyxqpopwu.jpg

3. Luke's new favorite game is "cheenga". He's surprisingly good at it. "Be very careful Luke! Dis one's too stuck. I try dis one, very careful, put it on top!"

 photo E0964FFE-C845-4B84-9DE7-200D48E70D38_zpsvshoczuf.jpg

4. we lowered elsie's crib this weekend. she looks so much bigger, all of a sudden, in her bed.

 photo 0BCED40C-01DF-466C-9208-D225B9771D49_zpsubfsh1lb.jpg

5. we finally, finally purchased our couches. what a headache that was! It was worth the wait, since we both love them and they're supremely comfortable.

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