five fact friday

1. Elsie is in that super obnoxious stage where she can pull herself up in her crib but can't get down. It's probably the only obnoxious thing she's ever done. I'm making her practice getting down. You can see (here) how grateful she is.

 photo aa7842dd-2688-4d2a-bb9d-b31c6e66d0ee_zpsecb1ec08.jpg

2. "Mama, I hold Elsie's hand, keep her safe. And I kiss it. Jus' hold on sweet, and you'll get a cookie! 
But nooooo scream!"

 photo DC490A08-208E-4817-A4C4-65E1519B4452_zpsfsduhkr6.jpg

3. It's been in the high 60's this week. Meanwhile, it's snowing in Atlanta. I guess Denver's not so bad after all.

 photo 443e7e8b-3c70-4ff4-ab69-a5090da11ed0_zps5320f2ad.jpg

4. I know I've mentioned it before, but chick-fil-a's mom's valet service really is incredible. Why don't other places do that?? We had to get out this week, so I loaded the kids up, went through the drive through, and then walked in. They had our food set up for us, complete with place mats for the kids. It just takes all the hassle out of dining with kids alone.

 photo 6d5be000-b6db-477e-89b3-380d6c87413f_zpsc4c02595.jpg

5.Things seem like they're (finally) picking up in the home buying process. 
I cannot believe what a mess this has been.

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  1. 1. Thank goodness Axel never did that. Maybe the only GOOD thing he did. He's like E's opposite.
    2. Axel does not like Olivia holding his hand. It never ends well. Your kids are so sweet! :)
    4. I REALLY need to try that this week. What do you say to them in the drive through? I'm so awkward about pretty much everything when I do it for the first time.
    5. Yay house! I cannot wait to hear details and see pictures! (Like how I expect other people to be better about posting pictures than I am?!?!? Hey I finally did the kitchen, maybe this week I'll shoot for one of the bedrooms!)


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