a birthday

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we've entered birthday season at the frakes household. Boom, boom, boom, februrary, march, april.
travy kicked it off. I made him the same cake and the same meal I've made him six years running.
Luke helped with the candles; he's really into happy birthdays and presents. elsie gobbled up her own piece of cake, and then batted her eyelashes at her softie papa and polished off his piece too.

we're pretty glad to have Travis. he's the greatest husband and dad we could ask for. I think we'll keep him around another few years.


  1. that cake looks delicious. :)

  2. That cake looks dang good! And it must be if Travis keeps requesting it year after year :)

  3. You posted this cake recipe last year right??? I still haven't tried it, I really need to! Happy birthday Travis!

  4. HaHa...you used the phrase I use on you guys!! I'll keep you around for another year or two! Love it.


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