santa came to town

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my mother in law found a santa and mrs clause for hire and they came to our house christmas eve eve to visit all the grandchildren. it was a priceless experience to see their faces, and the adults were almost as excited as the kids.
Each child got to hold one of the reindeer's jingle bells while we sang songs and listened to Santa recite The Night Before Christmas. Then each child got a turn to sit on Santa's lap. The parents all emailed Santa facts about our children- things they like, their names, ages, things they are good at, and something they need to work on. Santa had these all memorized and was able to call them by name.
Luke was pretty nervous (see top photo) until Santa handed him a jingle bell, but he still was not interested in sitting on Santa's lap. He just inched forward ever so slightly to receive his gift from Santa's bag (a shiny red fire truck; how did he know?). Elsie was more than willing to sit on Santa's lap, probably because she knew she was on the nice list.
Luke hasn't stopped pretending to be Santa since that night. He wraps foam or a blanket around hi sbelly, finds a hat and says "Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas! You wanna sit on Santa's wap, Elsie?" And every time he plays with his fire truck, he mentions that it came from Santa.

The best part about having children is getting to experience the magic of childhood again through their eyes, and this was truly a magical hour.

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  1. Oh my gosh this is so cool! Where on earth do you find a Santa and Mrs. Clause for hire?? What a fun experience for the little ones...those photos are precious!


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