reasons my son is crying

Luke has croup. I took him to the doctor yesterday where he received two steroid shots to ease the restriction of his airway. Thankfully he can now breathe and talk again, but he is working through some serious 'roid rage. Like, woah.

 photo 07457496-2716-4A0A-BB2A-0DE937089DA0-13411-000014673715F86F_zpsf55088c0.jpg
(photo from last summer)

you're probably familiar with reasons my son is crying. today I present to you reasons my son is crying (today):

+ I wouldn't take him to the zoo
+ I changed his sister's diaper first (It's Luke's turn!)
+ I changed his diaper first (NO! It's Elsie's turn!)
+ I offered him a chocolate instead of a cough drop for peeing in the potty
+ I wouldn't let him spit in my water
+ I asked him not to pull my hair
+ I wouldn't take him to the store
+ I wouldn't let him sit on his sister's head
+ I wouldn't put his sister down for a nap right exactly now
+ I cut his peanut butter sandwich into two triangles instead of four
+ I suggested he take a nap
+ I wouldn't let him try the 100+ piece puzzle
+ His sister chewed on his very important piece of plain white printer paper
+ He didn't want to eat his eggs
+ He did want to eat his eggs
+ The television isn't a touch screen (it's not worrrrrking!)
+ I got him a yellow straw instead of a pink one

...it's been a long day


  1. hahahaha, those are all so great.

    and good luck. ;)

  2. I laughed out loud at almost every one of the reasons Luke was crying. haha. Poor kid has a tough life :) Hopefully he gets feeling better soon so your life will be a bit easier! ha.

  3. Oh man, you are not alone. I get so frustrated, but I also get frustrated when people try to reason with Olivia. Look at that list of yours. Does this LOOK like child that can be reasoned with?

  4. Oh myyyyy gooooodness this is hilarious! Hilarious to me right now, but in a couple of years when I'm living it I'm sure it won't be quite so funny. I hope you get some well-deserved rest soon, that sounds exhausting!


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