i'm definitely the shortest in my family

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my baby brothers came to visit! They spent 2 nights+1day with us as they drove through the country from NY to college in Idaho. It was great to see them. Luke absolutely adores my youngetst brother (see him copying every move aaron made on the train?), and I hadn't seen my other brother in two years, since he was serving a mission for our church. We  rode the train downtown to meet Travis for lunch, and then he came home with us for the afternoon. I've decided I need a full time manny to tire luke out. Having his two single uncles around to play with him (and watch him while I showered!) was amazing. Hopefully I'll be able to employ their services (both for child care and maybe some painting!) again after the semester ends in April.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I just love brothers!! Two of my brothers have huge beards and so any time I see a husky bearded man I really want to run and hug them. So fun that you got to spend some time with them. Aren't uncles just the best ever???? I have a picture of me in between two of my brothers and I look just like you, so little compared to them!


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