if you give an elsie a muffin....

 photo 77603312-1788-4EBD-9FAA-AE8BB6998683_zpslnidmcur.jpg photo 22D37D75-23E5-409B-A599-F8EB3250BF34_zps9nvutybh.jpg
 photo CBC68A9F-A28C-49E4-B854-39BCF8CFFC26_zpsub2lvfml.jpg photo 7117BAEA-B6E3-4BCE-A72D-1585F5F949D9_zpsasbnwit9.jpg

she'll need a sink bath to go with it.

 photo 3732cec0-b12e-4cee-abf5-ab41dd61d812_zpsf359b8fc.jpg

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  1. One thing I'm so sad about in my house is the sink is far too small for baby baths. Well, maybe a newborn could fit in there :)

    Axel ate his oatmeal by himself today. I thought I had another two or three months before he demanded that. So much MESS.


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