five fact friday

1. we got dumped on this week.
 Travis tells me I can't feel bad about it, because even Atlanta got snow.
I'm still mad about it though.

 photo CED1AB60-1B78-4417-9842-FCFC1758DB27_zpsshfztuv9.jpg

2. Luke was a kangaroo this week. He did a funny little hop-skip around the house all day, ate his cheese slices from a bowl on the floor, and then, when the bowl was empty, poured his water into it.
The next day he was a tiger, and the day after a puppy. So you know, just your basic zoo.

 photo C9ADAA8E-CB93-439E-A1DD-62E7EB52220C_zps6jbn9scc.jpg

3. It's time to lower the crib mattress. Someone thinks she's a big lady. 
(she's not)

 photo fca1e5c1-5a0f-49a1-a4e4-9625a66f1227_zps34d1caef.jpg

4. We met some friends, and they invited us to their playgroup this week. As I was buckling him in his seat afterwards, he exclaimed, "mama! I haf fwiends! Thank you Mama!"
that broke my heart, poor little guy. he misses our old routine as much as I do.

 photo 1855015A-5C6A-45AB-B41A-F96386F274E7_zpsab87d2gs.jpg

5. is it spring yet? I'm not really excited for february.
 February is the armpit of the calendar year.

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  1. We have had two weeks of "warm" (40s feels warm in January!) sunny weather and then the last two days, SNOW. I'm still ticked about it. But then Adam says if we don't get more snow before spring then our house can catch on fire. Or something like that.

    And I would consider January the armpit of the year, but don't tell my two boys with January birthdays!! haha. At least February always feels super short.


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