five fact friday

1. Luke really, really hates that Elsie is a messy eater. Every time he spies her in her high chair, he exclaims, "Elsie! You make a big, big mess Elsie! I hafta cwean up." He's a leeeetle OCD, but I won't complain about the extra help.
 The term help is pretty loosely applied here.

 photo E9B9F42E-CC93-4CC3-853D-11FA8D67BC7D_zpss07lo0ea.jpg

2. Luke has been taking himself to the potty this week. He holds up his hands and yells "Stay here, Mama!". He does steps A to Z all by himself and I'm pretty proud of him. This is the kind of information that is only interesting if your name is Grandma, but, I mean. College and all that.

 photo lukepark_zps68d2a6a1.jpg

3. He practically even LOOKS like a teenager.
 A teenager that still wants to hold my hand while he falls asleep at nap time.

 photo AB4CECA2-C067-48CF-919D-C70949B76800_zpsmnqv7iyx.jpg

4. I can't think of anything except our house hunting process. It's. a. nightmare.

 photo B4EBA05C-9F8B-4DDA-871A-8C86725A3EA7_zpstjy3xjdp.jpg

5. We visited our new little nephew in the hospital last night. He was a big one, just shy of 9 lbs, but I'd forgotten how little they come. Also I miss hospital food. 

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