five fact friday

1. We took Luke to the zoo on Saturday. It was free day, and it was...well, it was a zoo. So crowded, but he'd been begging allllll week to go. He had a ball.

 photo 4A3D973C-884F-4174-A5DE-F27647E3D3AF_zpsautwkiqt.jpg

2. See that monkey up there? He is now enjoying Elsie's wooden Christmas rattle, because she so generously tossed into his enclosure. I'm still a little miffed about that.

 photo 95116ECE-1EBB-42C2-B5C7-94D2D2D8A315_zpscb1ulkk2.jpg

3. Luke has set up several tea parties for his elsie girl this week. He made sure to serve her water instead of tea, because he was afraid the tea would be too hot for her. He keeps the doughnuts for himself though.

 photo 8A85C22C-47BD-470E-8D00-5DAD5262DE95_zpsm0ripbq0.jpg

4. Luke also shut his sister up in the pantry twice this week. She crawls in there on her own, and he just closes her in. I couldn't find her, but could hear her crying, and in a panic, asked Luke where Elsie was. He shrugged and pointed to the pantry. "She in dere. Little doggie in dere."

 photo 60EC22FF-1551-48CD-9DE3-E09A2F2E0CA4_zpsuhbvvuhm.jpg

5. Luke sat through an entire movie this week. I'm not sure if that's due to an increased attention span or maybe he still wasn't feeling too great, but long live movies. Quiet time just got a lot more quiet. 

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  1. How nice of him to give Elsie a tea party (with water of course!) Olivia only wants the dishes Axel is using so tea parties never go smoothly in this house.

    Sorry about the rattle. Such a bummer :(


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