five fact friday

1. Each year our family in Germany sends us a Christmas box full of delicious chocolates. My brothers brought me a nice selection when they came, and...I'm embarrassed to admit how little is left.

 photo 8EFBF625-D5CF-40AA-8477-ADEA13681AE1_zpsv8iqhjta.jpg

2. Elsie's new favorite food is broccoli. This girl eats everything we offer her...provided it's not pureed and she gets to feed her self. baby lead weaning has been a great fit for this girl.

 photo 531C6348-83A8-424B-A80A-7B4ADC2418C2_zpsn7a4jhvr.jpg

3. Luke seems like he is on the mend...the croup and his 'roid rage. But ohhh man. He was crazy. He had the absolute worst melt down in the bath that night. First, because he didn't want a bath. I made him anyway. It got worse when I unwrapped his potty chocolate for him. Then, instead of putting it in his mouth, he let it sit in his hand...where it of course, melted. Luke sat in the bath, staring at his hand, hollering his head off because his hand was messy. I told him to put the chocolate in his mouth. "NO! I NO WANT IT CHOC-LIT IN MY MOUTH." So, I took it away. "NO MAMA! WANT MY CHOC-LIT! WANT IT IN MY MOUTH!!!" I put the chocolate in his mouth and turned around to wash my hand off. When I turned back again, he now had the chocolate out of his mouth and into his other hand and was screaaaaaaaaaaming because now BOTH hands were dirty.
I found my self laughing like a lunatic because it was all so ridiculous. And my only other option at this point was to cry.

 photo 4ECFDF2A-0CE9-4847-A965-3CFF133FA8C4_zpsbjusba82.jpg

4. Elsie though? She sat in the tub, chewing on her rubber ducky, happy as a clam. Brother didn't bother her one bit.

 photo e4d881c5-8a75-4d19-9e4b-d54c14f28eb8_zpsf8c1a947.jpg

5. Luke memorized elsie's favorite book, and he loves reading it to her. It's kind of adorable to watch him read it over and over. And every time he finishes, she clasps her little baby hands together, cheering him on. You can watch the video here, if you missed it on instagram.

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