five fact friday

1. I super love sleeping babies. I extra love when it's my husband holding my sleeping babies during church.
 photo 0CA71DBF-E979-4246-8DE8-A47913D06B43-12288-000006F48C6BE8D3_zpsbbdc976e.jpg

2. Have I mentioned little e finally has two baby teeth? She does, and while I miss her gummy smile, they're pretty adorable.

 photo 3A35312F-A1DB-4804-817B-92B2A5E40F6F-12288-000006F4A42D3189_zps3490639d.jpg

3. We went to one of those fun houses that sync their light to the music on the radio. It was pretty neat to watch; the guy said it costs him less than $10 to run for the season. that's nuts.

 photo BC1B32E1-FAED-47A9-8991-D040FCDFD142-12288-000006F49A9FAA37_zps22793135.jpg

4. These are super blurry, but I love the look on e's face when we get ready to facetime my parents. and I love the look on their faces when they see their grandbabies.

 photo 132126B9-AD52-4944-B3C9-4A56CA1E2736_zpsafiwnmcj.png photo DCD3554A-31D2-42FA-AF03-E23D041C5927_zpsof9seyhd.png

5. 3/4 frakes ate black eyed peas on new year's, so I'd say we're looking at a pretty lucky 2014.

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  1. Axel will only sleep in Adam's arms at church. It's so nice.
    Yay for cute baby teeth. I seriously never knew teething was awful until my second born. Let's just get them all in and over with.


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