christmas 2013 recap

 photo BF266863-9A90-4E82-AE50-B94E847C4B04_zpsvt0gjwlm.jpg photo 4A515322-BC65-4236-B1FB-8280549BC507_zpsvx17fvvc.jpg
 photo 23C832D8-235E-4CA8-BEE3-5DE3BC873041_zpst91ruv8y.jpg
 photo BF70FAB8-B3C8-45C4-A342-0EC68B11B26D_zpsk88of7o0.jpg
 photo 9403C764-952D-4092-B937-4442544D205C_zpszerdprki.jpg
 photo 6A6D5B9D-90F0-4EAB-BFAF-49CDE124BE01_zpsza6znau6.jpg photo CE1E7299-6931-4FA2-87DD-99E31B836007_zps3uh2fa4g.jpg
 photo 0413257B-86A3-4ED7-A181-90EDEBB33CA5_zps8snwwwyk.jpg photo 3029A1FD-291A-4734-B0F6-27D227A7ECB7_zpspk8blfl7.jpg 
 photo 6F077904-E09A-432D-AB36-11F30C3B692B_zpssyxpjfyx.jpg
 photo E64457BE-5C71-4CC1-85E2-7466591729A5_zpsstwbad6l.jpg
 photo 0FC0EB81-FC95-46FE-8AD0-2309CB972195_zpsrt5gllki.jpg
 photo F96BF76C-D37D-4965-B235-132A015EFF2B_zpsjnd5dpzp.jpg

we had a pretty great christmas this year. it was nice to be all together. 
Luke was so much fun this year. He totally got the concept of the whole thing and liked to help Elsie open her gifts. we loved watching him stop and play with his presents; his favorite was probably the tool set. elsie's second tooth popped through christmas morning, so she was a little bit sad throughout the day. we bought elsie her first baby doll. I really wanted to get her a really nice, classic baby doll for her first christmas; one she can keep forever. The first thing she did was lean in for a nice big kiss. I can see the two of them having tea parties together in a few years. 

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