a holiday miracle

 photo B292B868-D85B-492C-8BE7-D87733D05786-12288-000006F4AF153316_zps1301b953.jpg
 photo A617283C-4893-4A41-8CEC-AF76C5AE1183-12288-000006F4DFAED578_zps2f3aadf2.jpg
 photo 7C9E0ECB-5206-4176-97EC-843067035E10-12288-000006F4F096DD83_zpsb5a184ca.jpg
 photo 98997F19-7BA3-4BEB-8D50-12BDA3952631-12288-000006F51E1ABC8A_zps8881f99b.jpg

we decorated sugar cookies and gingerbread houses a few days before christmas. Luke actually participated this year. He's not really an arts and craftsy, cookie decorating kind of guy, but he lasted maybe a full ten minutes in each activity. His girl cousins on the other hand could have done this for hours.

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