zoo day

luke was in need of some quality time, so his Mimi took him to the zoo last week. Elsie and I tagged along. It was the perfect zoo day- empty and beautiful weather- at least 60*. Travis made sure I knew it was warmer in Denver than it was in Atlanta that day. yeah, yeah.
Luke loved watching the elephants squirt water out of their noses, and was really concerned about the baboon's red bottom (owie bum, mama! needs a bath!). He exclaimed over and over how cute the monkeys were, and pretended to be scared of the snakes. He's my favorite little buddy, and I love watching him experience things. I hope he knows how loved he is.

 photo FEB17FC6-B81E-42E4-BD51-6D381DC679ED-5049-000002DE91892EFC_zps93c1aada.jpg
 photo 20EE24F7-F56A-4B0A-B1E1-06103DC644AB-5049-000002DEB5D035DC_zpsa09972dd.jpg
 photo 757EC7BE-4F34-45B9-B2F9-D9303CB06DF7-5049-000002DEED3E5A94_zps61dbabd4.jpg
 photo 7905B72F-D6F8-4AF3-8E22-EA2F189B9745-5049-000002DED139DB9E_zpsa3f50834.jpg
 photo 24554B28-D706-4D6C-9136-330412B6E9AC-5049-000002DEF3F71F47_zps3b99ed9f.jpg
 photo 71640A52-587E-440E-AA4E-F552E4AD03B1-5049-000002DE9A313109_zps613c9ffc.jpg photo 99BE69C6-5018-48FA-82AF-AECAE345FF8A-5049-000002DEFB6F0BEF_zpse9b3c904.jpg

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  1. So lucky that you've had nice weather! We're hoping that winter will run out sooner because it started so early in SLC. We took Olivia to the zoo a couple years ago and now I'm so excited to take her again this spring.

    I love Luke's super serious faces on the merry go round and the ox! So cute.


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