is it too late to post about thanksgiving? probably.
here goes:

we ate lots of food:
 photo FD4F49BB-5CB2-4E34-9AB6-25EA05F34506-23129-000026EC796AC683_zps54e47bcc.jpg

elsie looooved it:
 photo CBF7948B-7507-48B9-96AA-A630C8863F5A-23129-000026EC13E19B2F_zps55e3dc93.jpg photo 2DD9F4AD-99EF-427B-B219-86F4B13DF928-23129-000026EC4642E6F3_zps27768cc1.jpg

luke wore his underwear on his head while he ate:
 photo E3C7DFDB-63C9-4EAA-9F69-1E9B73F658B3-23129-000026EC685C96ED_zpsa256f932.jpg

we followed frakes family tradition and went bowling the day after:

 photo 1774D5E3-5915-4129-B34F-78783F6F9AAA-23075-000026DFC83BFF01_zps6d0b112b.jpg
 photo D72A52EA-C2B2-4D35-82C4-952F744BEF7E-23075-000026DF9C82B9A8_zpse0521b28.jpg

someone loved it, but had a hard time waiting for "It's Nucas turn!"
 photo E9277E64-7FCF-476B-BD8E-C70A9E2D3390-23075-000026DF5F3AECD3_zps89f7e806.jpg

it was nice weather, so we also hit up the park:

 photo FE7921D3-FCD3-4226-BBE1-61F8C3856C36-23075-000026E079CBEE9A_zps694795a5.jpg

we put up the tree:

 photo AC3A263E-E5DA-40B3-9520-95EFF356A020-23075-000026E095B74416_zps77f53ec2.jpg photo A5E18AC1-FE0B-4C5F-B0EA-26C7F53421A8-24757-0000290A63B3D9DD_zpsf645239b.jpg

and discovered the trains underneath:

 photo 4016960F-ED0D-4B93-9709-C55F70560DB5-23075-000026E0C997EB45_zps6dffa528.jpg

it was a pretty good weekend.


  1. i think the underwear on luke's head is my fav!

  2. No doubt that Elsie is your baby. She looks just like you! (And definitely looks like Luke too.) I DIE over the underwear on Luke's head. hahahaha.


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