photo B7BB0B6E-ECB1-43DB-A0E1-48DA4E59AA97-40629-000031E3983D4972_zps44bff271.jpg
 photo C0D446FF-6C18-431C-8458-20D6F608EB82-40629-000031E3BB1D0776_zps96c44bcb.jpg
 photo 24FE8F2E-EBA7-44BB-A6B2-D572248C2FFE-40629-000031E35451CAC5_zps267285f8.jpg
 photo 4228C7C2-E050-498A-8EF7-9CB5A37B0904-40629-000031E37044C251_zps78eb30b8.jpg

you could say I'm in it for the naps, but we both had fun.
I didn't hate it, because it was warm out, and the boy had the time of his life.
(and he did all the dirty work, pulling the sled back up the hill. he even pushed me down a few times, what a gentleman)

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