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in her seventh month, elsie rose

+learned to army crawl, and a week later, "real" crawl
+can sit up from a crawling position, and go from crawling to sitting up
+finally eats solids (but not purees! or anything from a spoon, thank you). she eats what I eat for each meal. if it's something she can gum, like toast, I give her the whole thing. if it's something that takes more work, like chicken, I break off a smaller piece. I haven't found anything she won't eat. yet.
+drinks from her sippy
+is so adorably tickleish
+babbles "mamamma ma ma"
+is still sporting a toothless grin
+loves baths, her brother, and meatloaf
+doesn't like being RAWRed at, or surprised by any loud noise really
+takes three 2.5-3 hour naps a day, and sleeps 12-13 straight at night
+is just as sweet as they come. like seriously. easiest babe ever

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  1. So cute!! And wow, I am jealous. THREE naps!! She is younger than Axel but I think he gave up three naps long ago. I can't remember. I should do these posts like you!


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