once there was a snowman

 photo BEBD0DF7-A333-4378-81B4-5B1736817414-42563-000032E4F43897C8_zps665e3059.jpg
 photo D39709BF-9B6F-4A18-BB0F-B4B9A82F9CE7-42563-000032E548D85BDE_zps42ded621.jpg
 photo 8B69838A-75D4-4478-8AEA-BBA1E7979A48-42563-000032E540975704_zps67a135d0.jpg
 photo 177A3CF7-0AD7-4AF9-8516-BF56088BE6EE-42563-000032E5500E8607_zpse0ff3980.jpg
 photo 8FF53BCE-C8C2-4561-83A7-5CBA56AC2AB9-42563-000032E53619B011_zps56365350.jpg
 photo 2D5746CC-A5DE-49BF-8FE5-B2B2C6BDA708-42563-000032E5275FC948_zpsd8116779.jpg
 photo 98B620E5-26E4-4266-9EB8-473839841E7C-42563-000032E4FC98A3D6_zpsa9527849.jpg

luke built his very first snowman last week. he was so proud. If you ask him about it, he'd tell you it was "tall, tall, tall!". Other things that are "tall, tall, tall!" include the christmas tree, the Jesus baby, giraffes, and trucks.

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