how luke throws a snowball

 photo E502E4D1-D223-487B-AE1F-D588721912CA-42563-000032E571689DD9_zps251484ef.jpg
 photo 38828E8A-56E5-4FE3-BDBD-D2DF71FFDA24-42563-000032E57D9EBD51_zpsc3e5aaab.jpg
 photo 8BACC05E-4393-45B3-B71C-7ACC3A7577DA-42563-000032E5687BE428_zps3762bbcc.jpg

you've really got to put your back into it, man.
this is serious business.
but don't forget to admire your work after the throw. really inspect it, with a manly pose.

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