five fact friday

1. we took the kids on a family date to see christmas lights. We drank hot chocolate from thermoses, elsie slept, trav&I held hands, and Luke was enamored with this giant santa.

 photo 370EA1B9-9973-4638-BFE8-EA59870531BA-5049-000002DE3C4254BA_zps2e2437b8.jpg

2. Luke really loves "fixing" things. He'll often grab a flashlight and a screwdriver and fix things under a table or a chair. Over the weekend he got to help his Papa fix the garbage disposal, and he was pretty pleased with himself.

 photo 46666861-7F29-4444-BCEE-029841CEA9B6-5049-000002DE44947D02_zps94cbd9a6.jpg

3. Elsie Rose had a really good nap this week. Her bedhead was incredible.

 photo D7D80172-C9CB-4E9E-8817-CCB2D6853608-5049-000002DE537B3AF4_zps03faad6e.jpg photo A2C2FCE4-91BC-4CBD-8208-EA499C5D7204-5049-000002DE4C0DD4B6_zpsad65464d.jpg

4. Luke is getting the hang of potty training. It finally clicked in his head that if he goes in the potty, his Mimi will give him a chocolate. He went a whole day dry! He totally hates wearing his underwear though. Like, hates it. He feels super insecure. It's kind of cute.

 photo 503C5A02-3C88-4DE6-B4C7-A3F930DA4E6B-5049-000002DE5C077CB2_zps776f7f27.jpg

5. This has been a ROUGH  WEEK, in more ways than one, and I'm really, really glad it's over. And next week is bound to be better, right?

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  1. I love her bed head!! Axel gets some pretty funny hair styles during nap times. SO cute. This week has been SUPER rough for me too. I helped my friend with a horrible family situation (and all this time I thought her life was so perfect) and then we all got the flu. . . can it be Christmas yet???


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