five fact friday

yikes. it's been awhile since I posted one of these. every time I sit down to blog, something comes up, and I just don't. not apologizing. but, we have a lot to catch up on.

1. Luke holds elsie's had allll the time and it's the sweetest ever. It's always unprompted. When we went to Costco, he offered her bites of the samples he liked, "Mm! It's so good. You try it sweetie?" he is the best big brother.
 photo FE8296DC-891A-47BA-916C-01E5D095C8BA-21158-0000237582507C21_zps1ad43eb4.jpg

2. house hunting is a headache, man. The permanence of it all is killing me. good thing these two are pretty great. Luke loooves exploring new places.

 photo 84010D95-8E28-4210-860D-9453DC49B8F3-40629-000031E33B845D0D_zps2ffcd9fc.jpg

3. e figured out how to army crawl this week (12.8.13) and it's dang adorable. Luke went straight to real crawling at 5 months, so I'm glad that a) she was immobile longer and b) I get to see that little bum wiggle its way across the floor. (video here)

 photo 4302B2DE-2F5B-4AFE-BA56-AB89CC586E30-24757-0000290C89C96C65_zpse3687ac4.jpg

4.  Make these burgers. Both my kids pounded them, so, toddler/baby/husband approved.

 photo AE3C3D5F-CBBC-45E8-B916-850209FB48B5-31118-00002CC1FE2D88B3_zpse387fb5c.jpg
5. my hair is starting to grow back in, and it's the worst. I feel like a bird.


  1. When I was little I was determined that when I was a mom I would not have a "mom haircut," because I would have beautiful hair instead. Turns out the "mom haircut" isn't really for convenience, like I thought -- it's because of that cursed regrowth. And soon I will probably have the "do" I swore I would never have.


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