trick or treat

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we did some trick or treating at our church and also around the neighborhood. Luke couldn't always remember to say trick or treat, but he did always say thank you. someone even knew he was fireman sam, and someone else had their dog dressed as a fireman, and a third neighbor had a fire going in their driveway which Luke promptly pretended to put out.

 photo E5BA8332-13C5-410D-9047-1C766F884EC8-5629-0000084942ADA5FE_zps9f17bfca.jpg
 photo 632D8951-2579-481A-BA3F-B60360346631-5629-000008495E90C034_zps4a13be35.jpg
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 photo 6CF3A24A-496F-40C0-B690-30BB52D54667-5629-0000084066537DC1_zpsda77b063.jpg

best halloween yet.
(and wasn't e the cutest little mousie?)


  1. THEEE cutest mouse. And I love Luke trying on her costume!

  2. Eep! This makes me SO excited for Halloween next year with two littles! They are both so adorable in their costumes!


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