photo B20720F3-05F0-46D0-9B7A-DA9554043B12-5629-00000849998FC242_zps7e07ef58.jpg
 photo 41417C96-43DF-4CFF-A6B2-37B51EB84296-5629-000008498F2291D2_zps3c62de9e.jpg
 photo 12B93ABD-BFF1-4403-84EA-2E6E0B04D0D7-5629-00000849A29AA76C_zps4748200b.jpg
 photo DFE960E2-8969-4189-A0CF-64CF1CB25595-5629-00000849B0C5F50C_zpseb389bd1.jpg
 photo DC0FC2CF-1520-48A5-8AC5-F100A7B15F1A-5629-00000849C4963BCA_zpsdc318518.jpg

the other day the weather was beautiful. we headed to the park to get luke's wiggles out, and travis taught luke to roll down a hill. I love watching him in moments like this- those perfect childhood moments where the joy just radiates from his face.

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